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Monday, November 7, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

Blogging is an interesting "art form".  I think it begins, at least for me, as a way of maybe self-promoting yourself. Looking at yourself in print gives a level of completion, satisfaction, accomplishment for ones self.  I'm not gonna lie I like it.  I do feel pride in myself---even if I'm the only one reading.  

General ideas and thoughts aside I find a blog to be a nice way to be heard. --- It's like journal therapy. 
I need a little journal therapy... so get your pen and pad of paper out..... I'm going to spill some beans.
There are sayings and cliches out there that mean nothing.  That when you hear them you roll your eyes and move on.  The people saying them are a bore and so are their sayings. Then there are some that continually throughout your life ring true. Like this one....  
I think, the Morton Salt girl said it best....

When it Rains it really does Pour. 

My "The Big C" blog I wrote a few weeks ago was about a close aunt on my mothers side.  She did undergo surgery (it went very well) and is on the road to recovery---hopefully it stays on the sunny side of the road. 
My other aunt is suffering from severe diabetes---who knows how this is really effecting her. 
My mom has the worst cold followed by Pink Eye and has had to miss work for a week.

Now my grandmother has just had a heart attack. She needs tests done and possibly surgery.  My grandma is in very bad health and we are all  scared that this may be it. 

I'm praying for peace.  
Not sure what that entails but, that's all I've got. 

Tell your family you love them. ---Even the ones you might not like very much.  :)


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  2. Thank you! I will def. check out your blog!