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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Big C


In recent years, Showtime has come out with some outstanding television shows. The first two that pop into my mind are Dexter and Weeds.  When I heard Laura Linney was going to be starring in a new show it probably didn't even matter what the show was I knew I'd like the combination of Laura Linney and Showtime. 

Boy was I right. 

The Big C is delightful.   It is a show about a high school teacher who finds out she has stage 4 cancer and is pretty much on her last leg.  She refuses treatment and refuses to tell anyone. And, of course, she lives everyday as her last doing everything and anything she's always wanted to do. 
--- I totally understand.  I'd do the same.  I would tell my family though. I would want to experience my last days with them having a grand 'ole time. 

I bring up this show because, I happen to be watching in right in the middle of family crisis mode.  --Thank God my situation is not the same as it is on The Big C but, my extended family (which is a very small close family) has been having some troubling medical news over the past few months. 

It's very weird.  

I've been watching movies, tv shows, reading books, listening to the news, etc... my whole life about people with cancer---or life threatening sickness and their families and all their stories but, until it happens to you you just don't know. 

I remember watching Step Mom many years ago and balling my eyes out (I still cry every time I watch this).  I have always been really close with my parents.  I truly do not know what I would do without them.  The idea that they will most likely die before me is way too much to even think about. 

So, all I want to say is I'm thankful for shows like The Big C that will talk about topics that are hard and show true human reactions and feelings. 
I don't know what is ahead of my family but, I know we will handle it because our lives are not in our hands only the way we handle what is given to us is.  

Tell or show your family you love them--- I love mine!  With all my heart <3 

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