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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Detox.  A word that brings fear and hope all at the same time. 

Now, I have never started or completed a true detox.  Last winter my husband bought a box detox thingy and it didn't even recommend changing your diet at all.  We did change our diet and took the pills and it did nothing but, make me feel a little queasy.  

This time will be a little different. This time will be the HEALTHY detox because this lady MUST loose some weight.  October goal= 10lbs lost. because, I'm the opposite of most people.  Most people in Maine pack on the weight in the Winter with lots of comfort food.  
Me?  I love comfort food year-round.  The only difference is, in the summer it is far too hot to exercise!  Therefore, I pack on the pounds in the summer.  So, once that crisp fall breeze blows through my window I know it is time to hit the gym.  And this year it's so bad that I need to throw in a detox. 

Fear: I am going to STARVE!
You can't do this and live off juice.  I will shrivel and die.  It wont be good. 

Hope: My greatest hope, loose 5lbs!  Wouldn't it be amazing if I love 5lbs this week from detoxing and exercising!  My heart would sing. 

Reality: Of course, I know I wont STARVE but, I will be out of my comfort zone.  I love food. I want to be be an excellent cook and baker and now is a great opportunity to test my SUPER clean cooking skills.  And while I'm at it maybe I can kick start a the next 3 weeks of weight loss.  I'd be happy with 3 lbs. ---Heck I'd be happy with 1lb!

So far, I've had my fruit juice concoction for breakfast.  Veggie juice for lunch. Handful of Almonds and I'm planning Steamed Salmon and Steamed Kale and Spinach for dinner.  

I will prevail! 

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