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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Petite Jacqueline

Mmmm..... I went to Petite Jacqueline a few weeks ago and I can still hear the beautiful French music playing in the background, the smell of french onion soup, and the sight of French Champagne bottle along the walls for decoration. 

Overall, it was a lovely experience. 

I've been wanting to eat at Petite Jacqueline since it opened this past Summer but, the opportunity continued to escape me. One blessed day, my husband said "lets have our date night at Petite Jacqueline".  I was so excited!  Immediately I searched for their online menu to scope out the goods. 

Everything looked delicious.  I could hardly wait to go. 

From the moment we walked in I felt like we had stepped into a little French cafe. 
The lights were dim, the tables were quaint, people were drinking wine and eating bread.  It was perfect. 

The menu was delightful.  I wanted one of everything!  I forced myself to settle on French Onion Soup, Escargot (to share with the hubby), and Parisian Gnocchi with local farm produce.  Nic decided on the Quiche Lorraine. 

The French Onion Soup was delicious!  It was thick and cheesy!  The croutons or bread was thick and moist.  My only critique is that I wish there was more broth.  Otherwise it was wonderful!
The escargot was good.  I wouldn't say wonderful.  Nic loved it!  But, I thought it was a little sweet.  The last time I had escargot, in France, it was much more savory--more garlic.  It was good just not my favorite.  And, I mean come-on it's snails.... 

Nic's Quiche Lorraine looked really good. I had a taste and it tasted good too!  The pastry was nice and flaky and the quiche was overall eggie goodness!

Now, the real star of my meal was my Parisian Gnocchi.  Oh my goodness!  Delicious!  I have never had such amazing gnocchi.  It was a little crispy and buttery on the outside and the inside was so creamy!  I savored each one of those little guys.  And of course, the vegetables were cooked to perfection. 

Petite Jacqueline is a place I will defiantly be coming back to.--- and I wont eat the entire day before so I have room for the Creme Brulee I had my eye on!

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